Megan Brewer became pale and Whitmore worried she may faint. Gently, he asked, “Why did you do it?

She asked quietly, “How did you know? I thought with the cameras and monitors out of order I was safe from discovery.”

“Process of elimination,*” the detective answered. “First, we know Mr. Willis was killed before 7:13, because he had no umbrella or raincoat with him. That means he arrived at the office sometime between 6:45 when Ms. Peck arrived and 7:13 when the rains hit. I know your boss is not the murderer because she is so confident of her cell phone trail that she gave me her phone without asking. Mr. Kesler didn’t do it because he has a wet umbrella in his office – proving he got here after the rain began at 7:13, which I knew to be true before Ms. Peck told us. Although Mr. Ledbetter has no coat, umbrella or anything else to prove his innocence, his arrival time was 7:40. Now, in case you are wondering**, yes; arrival times can be faked. But, it is very doubtful that a man of Mr. Ledbetter’s age and physical condition could overpower a younger, muscular man. So – it was you, Ms. Brewer. I believe Mr. Willis arrived early. You met him at the front at the door and escorted him up. You escorted him into Ms. Peck’s office. What I don’t know is, why did you kill him?

Megan felt sick to her stomach and tried to stay calm. Softly, she said, “Mr. Willis has been in our office several times. I knew he had his eye on me. I was suspicious of his intentions when I found him waiting for me at the door when I arrived. I escorted him into Cindy’s office and he tried to attack me. I didn’t know what to do. We wrestled around for a few moments. Fortunately, I saw the letter opener on Cindy’s desk and grabbed it. In desperation I stabbed him in the heart. I didn’t mean to kill him, but I panicked after I saw he was dead.”

Dead silence enveloped the room. Finally, she asked, “What will you do with me?

Whitmore answered, “Well, we have to arrest you, but I would guess you are not lying. I believe the judge will be very lenient*** with a frightened person who panicked after an act of desperation.”

*Vylučovací metodou.
**Teď jestli si říkáte… / Teď jestli Vás napadá, že…
***mírný, shovívavý

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