miss the boat

a) to be too late to take up an opportunity, to be too slow to act, to fail to take advantage of an opportunity

b) not to understand what someone is saying

A: „There is a closing-down sale in the shoe shop in the city centre. I want to go there at the weekend.“ B: „Oh, you missed the boat, the sale ended yesterday.“

A: „We need to move fast to sign the contract.“ B: „That’s right. We don’t want to miss the boat on this one.“

A: What was the psychology course like? B: „Oh, I think I really missed the boat. I found it quite hard to follow the lecturer.“


I missed the boat. = Ujel mi vlak. Prošvihl jsem to.
ale také: To mi uteklo. Nepobral jsem to. (nepochopil jsem myšlenku)

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